Summer Reflections

Summer time!

Time for reading, time for relaxing and maybe most of all time for reflection.

My summer reading among other books has been; If They Give You Lined Paper – Write Sidways by Daniel Quinn and Fångad av Hakkorset* by Bruno Manz. *A Mind in Prison The Memoir of a Son and Soldier of the Third Reich.

Daniel teaches the reader in his book, the methods behind is own thought process and ultimately empowering the reader to view the world of themselves in new revolutionary ways. A big theme for Daniel is: “In the next two or three decades; the people of our culture will learn to live sustainably – or not. Either way, it will be extraordinary.” Bruno on the other hand share his experience in growing up and participating in the Third Reich and reflects on how it became to be that he was a blind follower of the Third Reich.

Now after reading these books, I spent some time, the other day, laying on the beach watching a bird, skillfully hovering over the surface and swiftly and fast changing from hovering mode to dive mode where it plunged into the sea, trying to catch a fish. Now of course the bird wasn’t successful every time, I watched the bird do this repeated hovering and dive mode 15-20 times before catching a fish. As Daniel would have put it “a lucky moment for the bird and not so lucky moment for that fish that got caught”.

Now however reflecting on us humans, how do we do fishing? Well once up-on a time we did just what the bird did, we went out and fished and sometimes we got lucky and sometimes not. Now what would happen if we equipped the bird with scanner, radar, depth readers etc. Then the bird would be lucky 10 times out of 10. On the other hand then if the bird by it self didn’t maintain a balance of how much fish it caught, why would it? It would fish and eat all it could, I think, Now isn’t humans now doing the same? We have equipped our fishing fleet with all the technology to ensure that it can vacuum-clean the oceans for fish.

My scary insight is now that if we are doing this aren’t we at the same time doing a mass-murder on animals/species, hey who cares! Do you know a fish? Do you know for sure that there is fish left so it can reproduce? Have you ever sat down and reflect on the fish like a worthy spices with as much right as you have to live and populate this world? (don’t take me wrong I’m not a vegetarian just as little as the bird is).

Much like the mass murders that was committed of the Third Reich on other humans, and while most people will argue it’s not the same, I want to use this analogy to give the insight that Bruno gave me in his book about his own reflections in participating in the world of the Third Reich. The question that started ringing in my head is;

“What if we humans are now having A Mind in Prison by Consumer Capitalism, driven by more, more more?”

And when we wake-up like Bruno did after the WWII ended and found out a different truths and perspectives, what will we then think and write about it. Will there be books or texts published by people that participated in the Consumer Capitalism World. Exterminating in a very processed and industrialized way other species and being very regretful and resentful about it!

Maybe we should learn from the Bird and say we take 1 out of 10 not because it’s easy but because we can.

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