Accounting and ERP for SME 2.0 – Beta Post

There is a lot moving in this area now… wanted to write this post long ago but there it is as a Beta Post, I will continuously up-date this post as I’m getting more and more resources around this.

Here in Sweden we have web-based SaaS players like Fortnox,
24SevenOffice, E-conomic, Specter among others… A good list of the SaaS actors, you can find here Who is the winner in Saas Accounting.

I’m still amazed though that not so many accounting companies has started to really change and shift how their work is being done based on these new web-based systems. Instead a lot of these old accounting companies is still doing their work as they always have done it! The old paper way and is not providing their clients with proactive advice and systems.

Yesterday I stumbled up-on some interesting services for SME in the areas of agreements and accounting. First a brilliant application for signing agreements on-line. RightSignature, who provides digital signatures between parties on-line, no more printing and sending documents back and forth.

ExpenseBay, is one of several brilliant companies (see other alternatives further down) that makes receipts handling easy, Iphone app. to take photos of your expenses, send it of to ExpenseBay who then matches it with your credit card bill.

I’m wondering how many accounting companies in Sweden who is pro-actively suggesting this service to their customers, think a few if any, since it will drive their business volume down e.g. less work for the traditional accounting firm!

Watch how it works, example from ExpenseBay. But go to the companies webpage that I’ve listed below to get more information on how each of them are doing this:

I got a great comment from the Founder of Expensify. David Barret, see comment below, that I should add Expensify to the list of no-more-paper hassle when submitting recipes and reports, they have integrated with ERP vendors as well. Thanks for the comment David, sorry for missing your company in the list.

I’m now going to see what local initiatives we have here in Europe / Sweden if any… will post and up-date this
blog with this information over the next couple of days.

Another player that does exactly what ExpenseBay and Expensify does is Shoeboxed. And another one is Webexpenses.

Interesting here is that ExpenseBay and Expensify has partnered with Freshbooks, to get these expenses of your directly in to your invoices to your customers and then of course directly integration to your ERP-system like Netsuite, for accounting and bookkeeping, or Quickbooks (Expensify) All this is happening at a rapid speed, small intelligent systems that works with open API’s with each other, creating intelligent work-flow and minimizing the manual work.

A small SaaS company that caught my attention is XERO, that does a small accounting software based out-of New Zealand and their partner list of third party applications. Freshbooks also provides quite an impressive list of integration partners Freshbooks add-ons.

One thing is for sure – the accountants are up for some new ways of work and need to sooner or later make a major shift and change in how they work and how they are billing the end customers. And the makers of SaaS web based software will soon hit the time of shaking out the winners from loosers, since all of them need economy of scale to survive (e.g. a lot of users).

When time is of essence and what you spend it on then use the neat application by SlifeLabs, that keeps track on what you spend your time on from websites to documents etc.

What is your view on this? Please comment!

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  1. David Barrett February 28, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    Great roundup — might I suggest you also consider adding Expensify (expense reports that don’t suck!) to the list? We integrate with FreshBooks and QuickBooks, support 58 international currencies (and auto-convert between them), etc. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!


  2. admin February 28, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    David, thanks for comment. Just up-dated the post. Sorry for missing you out there on the web.
    – Alexander

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