Not everyday a human quantum leap achievement takes place!

Some time ago, I read and watched about Craig Venter and his team and their quest to create synthetic life.
Now they made it! Synthetic Life is here – Not everyday a human quantum leap achievement takes place.

It’s a truly amazing world we are living in… last two days I spent on a conference on Social Media where the connected infrastructure that is exploding today will profoundly change on how companies work and are being managed – but it will not only stop with companies and organizations – I think it will have much bigger impact than that on our human society as well, but more on that in another post. At some level the whole social media hype seems like a light ripple on the ocean compared to the milestone of taking the first step in creating synthetic life.

Craig Venter in his video below quotes the great Richard Feynman, who say’s What I cannot create, I do not understand. Sure it’s some major ethical issues around such a achievement that the Venter team did. But hey did man just now took the first step in truly acting as God?!

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