Van Riesen
Van Riesen Obtineo is a management consulting and investment company, founded in 2003 and based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Obtineo is Latin and stands for to hold, keep, possess, maintain and to continue. The name reflects what we do – collecting knowledge to advise and help our clients – to strive for excellence.

As a management consultancy
We are creating higher results for our corporate clients, by increasing their revenues  and decreasing their costs. Read more about what we do under disciplines and our method of excellence for creating value – Cardea

As an investment company
We are investing time, knowledge and resources in different business opportunities. Fore more information go to Portfolio to find out more about what engagements we are involved in.

Be in Transition, Have Foresight and Manage Change

Be in transition
Companies need to design, build and operate their business. In going from the past with old situation via the current situation in the present to a new desired situation in the future. We help our customers to manage the continuous flow, or in other words: To be in transition.

Have Foresight
Anticipate any eventuality. The tarsier is perhaps the most agile animal in the world. It’s unique neck enables it to see in almost any direction and it has excellent night vision, allowing this nocturnal, arboreal primate to anticipate any eventuality and see in the dark. We help our customers to have foresight.

Manage Change
Change is often seen as a Crisis Important is the interpretation – Threat or Chance. The Chinese sign for crisis consist of two characters. The character for danger (threat) and the character for chance (possibility), could be interpreted as take advantage of the chance (occasion). We help our customers to manage change and interpret it as a chance.