A company may have many different goals that it strives for. Of course they must be balanced and coherent. But any company that works on the international market must choose between the following two alternatives:

A) Become a Profit Maximizing Company – create sustainable and long term profits to survive in business world.
B)  Become a Social Corporation Company – where profit maximization isn’t the main goal.

We deliver
We apply our disciplines of knowledge and expertise in all our projects as a service to our clients. We have in mind that everything we do must give our clients a tangible goal(s) that leads to the improvements or desired results for our clients.

We have therefore structured our disciplines into three areas:

-Increasing Revenue Disciplines

We combine methods from several disciplines to increase the revenues of our clients:

• Sales and Sales Management
• Marketing and Marketing Management
• Product and Service Development
• Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence

Depending on the specific circumstances of each client, we
increase the revenues of the client in various ways, e.g.

• Expanding existing markets or creating new markets
• Increasing the size of deals or the hit rate
• Increasing numbers of customers or returning customers
• Creation of high impact marketing campaigns

DCD-Decreasing Cost Disciplines.

The second set of disciplines we engage in are disciplines that decrease the costs of our clients:

• Operations and Process Management
• Information and Knowledge Management
• Prediction Markets

We combine methods from these disciplines to create specific results for our clients, e.g.

• Raising the level of efficiency and execution
• Better business decisions and operations based on better information processes
• Increasing the accuracy of forecasts

SSD-Strategic Structure Disciplines.

The third set of disciplines we engage in are disciplines that lay the groundwork for any personal, team and/or organizational change no matter what.

“The underlaying structure of a system creates behaviour in that system”

• Organizational Culture
• Motivation and Employee Morale
• Corporate Strategy

These are of crucial importance to the overall strategic health of the organization.

To find out more, what we could do for you – contact us so that we can create a meeting where we show specific what we are going to do for you.